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Industry 4.0: The role of Humans in applying New Technologies

In the context of increased global competition, most manufacturers are aware that the implementation of technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, etc. will be a necessity...

What is the future of human beings in the new industrial revolution?

Some believe that several non-skilled jobs will be eliminated completely, and the remaining non-skilled workers will be paid significantly lower wages compared to skilled workers.

Industry 4.0 : Should you dismiss your employees?

"Manufacturing companies clearly understand now that, in order to be exceptional and successful, it's not just about hiring hands. It's about hiring and engaging heads and hearts."

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How To Fight Workplace Stress ?

After hearing a what seemed eternal discussion whether using a cell phone in the office is the main cause of inefficiency in the workplace or not, I decided to make some research of my own. What I found regarding cell...