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A New Generation Of Workers

A new futuristic factory will require a new generation of workers

In Manufacturing Trends in 2016, I talked about the current manufacturing trends. I finished the post with: “ A new futuristic factory will require a new generation of workers, with skills to take the industry to the next level!”

Today, I want to go back to this statement. Let me start with some important facts:

1- We’re not replacing humans by robots anytime soon!

A study from Pwc shows that 37% of manufacturers believe that by adopting new technologies they will have to hire more employees not less. In fact only 17% of manufacturers said that they may hire less employees!

2- Human Qualifications

In the same Pwc study, 29% of manufacturers said a skills shortage exists in the industry and that it will even worsen in the next 3 years! 31% of manufacturers see no shortage currently but believe will appear in the next 3 years.
Also, according to Deloitte and the manufacturing institute “ Over the next decade, nearly 3½ million manufacturing jobs will likely be needed, and 2 million are expected to go unfilled due to the skills gap”

3- Millennials and Manufacturing

Today, Pwc found that 75% of “factory floor” jobs are filled by millennials. Also, in 2015 this category of individuals became the largest cohort of labor force in the US.

4- Millennials and Freelancing

Another study shows that 38% of Millennials are freelancing, compared to 32% of those over 35.


To summarize the situation, robots are not taking over human jobs any time soon. Qualified individuals in manufacturing are difficult to find, which may even worsen in the future and last but not least, the current biggest workforce are millennials and they tend to prefer freelancing!

At Bridgr, we trust that work should fit our way of life and not the opposite.

No one should adapt his/her life to his/her job. We actually define the “new generation of workers” as the individuals who love what they do, not necessarily through a 9 to 5 fixed schedule. We believe that with the right tools and by using technology in an efficient way, everyone (in manufacturing or in other industries) could have the life balance that they enjoy and deserve

Amira Boutouchent

CEO & Co-founder of BRIDGR

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