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Manufacturers: your summer 2018 reading list by the BRIDGR team

It’s summer! So at BRIDGR, we decided to share our reading list to keep you inspired and updated on new trends in digital transformation (industry 4.0). This list will also (hopefully) allow you to approach your work, your environment, and your social interactions differently.

In this reading list, you will find studies and books that might be of interest to you organized by area of expertise. If we missed a reading that you believe is mandatory for this summer, feel free to let us know, by commenting or on our Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Happy reading and great summer to all!

Trends and future of work

Great at work Morten Hansen

1 – Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More – Morten Hansen

After studying over 5000 people for five years, Morten Hansen answers the question: Why are some people better at work than others? His answers can be applied by anyone.
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2 – What’s after, what’s next? The upside of disruption – Megatrends shaping 2018 and beyond

How will technologies reshape the world of tomorrow? A well-designed study by EY (Ernst & Young)
Read it here

3 – The Origins of Happiness: The Science of Well-Being over the Life Course – Andrew Clark and Sarah Flèche

What makes people happy? How would government policy change if well-being were the primary objective?  The authors examine key factors that affect human well-being.
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4- Bad blood – John Carreyrou

John Carreyrou digs deep into Theranos’ history by going even further than the shocking revelations of his investigative reports for The Wall Street Journal in the fall of 2015.
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Artificial intelligence

1- Note from AI frontier – insights from hundreds of use cases

Through the results of research conducted by McKinsey, discover the effects that artificial intelligence will have on the business world but also on economies and societies.
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2- Strategy for the development of the Quebec artificial intelligence ecosystem

The steering committee of the artificial intelligence cluster reviews the place of the Quebec ecosystem in the world and gives its recommendations to ensure its growth and sustainability.
Read it on IA Quebec

Big data

Drowning in data, but starving for insights – Starting the digital supply network journey with legacy systems

A Deloitte insight on how to use information that is already present in companies but that is not used or analyzed.
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Industry 4.0

1- The fourth industrial revolution – Klaus Schwab

A fundamental book to understand what the emergence of new technologies will change in our societies, our way of living, working and consuming.
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2- Global manufacturing outlook – Transforming for a digitally connected future

This survey presents the results of the survey conducted by KPMG’s partners among 300 business leaders and senior executives in the manufacturing sector and highlights the need for companies to begin their digital transformation quickly.
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3- L’usine du futur – Stratégies et déploiement – Industrie 4.0, de l’IoT aux jumeaux numériques – Nathalie Julien et Eric Martin(French Only)

This book, intended for small and medium-sized businesses and ICT companies wishing to make their digital transition, explains in detail the many concepts that the plant of the future embraces to expose the major issues and provides applications and case studies. 
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1- Keeping Pace at Scale: The Impact of the Cloud-enabled workplace on Cybersecurity Strategies

Based on their research into cybersecurity challenges and solutions, KPMG and Oracle take stock of the threats facing enterprises as cloud services become more widespread.
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2- La Cybersécurité face au défi de la confiance – Philippe Trouchaud (French Only)

Philippe Trouchaud, a partner at PwC and advisor to the management of international groups and CAC40 companies, gives in this book his advice on cybersecurity management.
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With this very exhaustive list,  we (everyone at BRIDGR) wish you an excellent summer holiday. We’re still here so don’t hesitate to connect with us by giving us your news, and sharing your latest discoveries in here or on our Facebook and LinkedIn.

Clementine Roy

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