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Digital transformation: The consulting sector is not spared!

The past year has brought its share of disruption to most industries, and the consulting profession has not been immune. With the health crisis accelerating the use of new technologies in the workplace...

The 5 levels of digital maturity

It’s easy to assume that by 2021, organizations’ digitization maturity level is or nearly high and that digital transformation holds no secrets for them. However, the reality is that business...

How do you get women interested in digital?

In the previous two parts of our report dedicated to the place of women in the manufacturing sector, we saw that the talents sought by manufacturers were increasingly qualified and linked to digital. In the...

5 tips to better manage your startup’s growth

While many experts analyze the stages of a startup’s life cycle, one thing is certain: after the launch phase and before the startup matures, comes the growth and development phase. During this phase...

[COVID-19] How can we prepare for the challenges of the post-crisis period?

In these times of pandemic, we are all aware that we will no longer have the same “reality” after containment. The operating system of the majority of businesses will undergo major transformations...

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