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[Webinar] Demystifying the Industry 4.0

In spite of the multiplication of information technologies, their applications to the manufacturing fields remain unclear to most business managers. But the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 has become a necessary step for both small and large industrial companies.

In a previous article and thanks to the results of a study conducted by the Business Development Bank of Canada, we found that 39% of Canadian manufacturing SMEs have implemented 4.0 projects. The study also shows that companies that invest more have an easier time implementing digital technologies. It should be noted that the majority of Canadian manufacturers invested less than $100,000, with 41% investing less than $50,000.

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Although these figures are encouraging, there are still more than 60% of companies that have not yet started digital projects. In recent months, the MESI (Quebec Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation), has been working hard to explain, support and help Quebec manufacturers to take the path of digital transformation, in order to be competitive with large industrial companies in Quebec and around the world. A collaboration between MESI and ADRIQ (Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec), has just given rise to a webinar (below) that has attracted entrepreneurs from Quebec and elsewhere, sensitive to this famous 4th industrial revolution.

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To fully understand and demystify Industry 4.0, ADRIQ and MESI invited three panelists from different fields to explain the need for industrial companies to use the new technologies available to them to understand, for example, the masses of data generated by their production lines and use them to improve their products and performance.

To access the video replay of the webinar, in the presence of Mona Moudallal (Business Development Advisor, MESI), Gilles Charron (Business Development Director, Productique Québec) and Alexandre Nadeau (General Manager, Tecnar) and moderated by Pascal Monette (President and CEO, ADRIQ), please fill out the form below.


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