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Hannover Messe : 2nd Day summary – RCEI 4.0 | CRIQ | its Owl | Région Grand Est (France)

The Hanover Mass in Germany, better known as “Hannover Messe”, an international reference trade show for the industry sector that welcomes thousands of global industry players each year, has taken place this year, starting today, Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Read Day 1’s summary:  Opening and meeting with Quebec Minister P.Fitzgibbon.

8am: Siemen’s Seminar

It was with the entire Quebec delegation that we began, early this Tuesday morning, our second day of visit to the Hanover fair.

Indeed, Siemens Canada’s team (Interview in podcast to come) presents the various technologies that some of us will be able to see on the stand at the end of the morning.

Anecdote: I have learned that Siemens has been in Canada since 1912 and that their adventure began in Montreal!

We discuss their digital platform and the various tools available to companies. To make this all tangible, the team of Siemens calls on Eric Lepine, Chief Corporate in automation and control of Sanimax, one of the 3 4.0 windows in Quebec (Interview in podcast to come). In fact, the company began its technological transformation in 2000 using Siemens’ technologies.

RCEI 4.0: Presentation

Subsequently, Lyne Dubois of CRIQ and Michèle Sawchuck of ADRIQ took the stage to present to the entire delegation the concept of RCEI 4.0, Industrial Centres of Excellence, headed by the MEI, CRIQ and ADRIQ to support and accelerate digital transformation in Quebec.

11h: It’s owl

Once the seminar ends. I will continue exploring the lounge and head to the 5G Arena. During this edition of the Hannover Messe, a 5G arena was installed with various 5G technologies. Moreover, some exhibitors were connected to the Swedish stand by the same technology.

One thing that surprised me —

The presence of Nokia…. Although we no longer hear much about them in B2C anymore, they seem to be developing several relevant tools. We will come back to this subject with a more detailed article.

It’s owl, an impressive industrial cluster

I then join Alexandre Genet and my group for the visit of it’s owl, an industrial cluster, which brings together more than 200 companies, research institutions and organizations in order to develop solutions for the digitalization of SMEs (Interview below with Wolfgang Marquardt).

12:30: Meeting with the Grand Est region (France)

For information purposes, before I arrived in Germany, I spent a few days in the Grand-Est region of France, in particular in Colmar, Mulhouse and Strasbourg. I would like to thank once again Jean-Claude Hager for his exceptional guidance!

Subsequently, I was invited to the reception on their booth which, with more than a dozen companies, doubled the Quebec booth. Here I meet Mrs Lilla Merabet, the region’s elected representative and delegate of the Competitiveness, Innovation and Digital themes.  We discuss at length the challenges facing French companies and draw a comparison with those in Quebec and Canada.

4pm: Roundtable on Women in Manufacturing World

I then joined the Quebec booth for a personally, very important meeting. Indeed, and at the initiative of Lyne Dubois VP at CRIQ, a round table on the place of women in the manufacturing industry is organized between Canada, Germany and Sweden. I am invited to this table as BRIDGR’s CEO, a technology company in the industrial world, but also as a female tech ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

Enabled by Louis Duhamel, the different countries’ views are shared and I learn to my surprise that Sweden, represented by Malin Rosqvist (Interview in podcast to come) questions Inclusion issues whilst Germany, through Ute Gebhard’s point of view (Interview in podcast to come) is still at the brink of the question.

This debate was very rich and I would personally like to thank Lyne for initiating it! I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful great collaborations between the various countries on an issue that is very important to us all.

End of day: Supper in honor of Quebec’s regions.

It is then with a light of hope and full of ideas that I join the supper of Quebec’s regions. Indeed, 10 of the 17 regions of the province are represented in Hanover and the Minister P. Fitzgibbon would like to emphasize and congratulate this! It is therefore a supper under the signature good mood and friendliness that we are experiencing. A great moment of sharing and exchange between the different members of the delegation

We end this second day with photos of the different regions represented in the delegation and we leave in order to rest for the off-site visits planned for the next day!

Amira Boutouchent

CEO & Co-founder of BRIDGR


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