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Can automation make work more human ?

The expansion of artificial intelligence in companies has raised many fears and debates. An independent team of academic researchers has therefore tried to understand the impact of these technologies… For this study, more than 400 business leaders, scientific engineers and experts were interviewed in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and India in the financial, insurance and manufacturing sectors. And the results were surprising…

In fact, and unlike many employees may fear, this report shows that technologies amplify the human experience and strengthen the link between training and growth. The results of this study show that companies that invest in automation, artificial intelligence and augmented workplaces achieve better performance and make the work environment more human.

Thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence and automation on their workplace, employees feel more engaged, their well-being is improved and they have been able to free themselves from their most repetitive tasks to spend more time on tasks they enjoy more.

However, the authors found that to amplify these benefits, companies must have a real human resources policy and that automation must respond to a conscious choice to implement technologies to improve the work and competencies of their employees.

Lastly, the authors propose recommendations to companies to maximize the efficiency and benefits of their investments. They propose to: codify company’s ethics to create a corporate culture and foster a high level of commitment, conduct an audit of the key workstreams to identify the tasks performed in the company and choose the areas for augmentation.

This study also provides a more detailed analysis by industry and market.

Read the full report to discover all the facts of this study. 

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Clementine Roy

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