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PWC report: Global Digital Operations Study: The Digital Champions

With 1150 manufacturers interviewed in 26 countries, this 2018 report by PwC classifies companies based on the level of maturity of their digital operations.

While just 10% of the companies can be defined as “digital champions”, Two-thirds of them have either just begun or not yet begun their digitalization. This report defines a digital champion as a company that has taken digitalization to the highest degree. It also talks about what it takes for a company to become one.

It defines four categories: novices, followers, innovators and champions, and helps companies understand where they are in the digitization process. Lastly, it provides guidelines for companies seeking to mature into Industry 4.0.

This report could be summarized in the following key points:

  • The champions are customer-oriented. They continually improve their customer offers and excel in creating insights. They serve customers with completely digitized production and service solutions. Digitization increases production and customization.
  • They use new technologies to connect and collaborate across the supply chain. They have adopted supply chain planning, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing execution systems, collaborative robots and predictive maintenance solutions.
  • They use AI to improve the quality of their operational decision making. However, 52 percent of respondents cite a lack of qualified personnel to implement AI systems
  • The right people are at the center of the digitization. Manufacturers require qualified people to drive the future of innovation in the manufacturing industry.

To succeed, manufacturers that adopt Industry 4.0 technologies will have to successfully manage and integrate four layers: customers’ solutions, operations, technologies and people.


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Clementine Roy

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