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Why Manufacturing?

I guess, it’s time to give you some more details on the matter.

Many of you asked us why we’re helping manufacturers and how we ended up in this field.
I guess it’s time to give you some more details on the matter.

I have spent the last year visiting manufacturers, looking into their production lines and listening to their visions, strategies, and issues. Here is what I learned from that experience :

  • Competition is constantly increasing;
  • Customers are more and more complicated to satisfy;
  • Improving the product itself isn’t enough, manufacturers have to be innovative and creative in all aspects of the manufacturing space;
  • Technology is changing the scope and scale of manufacturing;
  • Environmental and social questions are more integrated than ever in the daily processes;
  • Information and knowledge are a game-changing tool for decision making;
  • Distribution and logistics are critical factors of success.

The manufacturing world is shifting, all the processes implemented are subject to improvement thanks to technology. However, these changes are overwhelming for most small and medium companies. That’s why, even if some executives are really creative on the matter, all of them are working with consultants or looking to work with ones. They all need help to solve their issues and improve their bottom line. The richest are working with well-known firms and the others, well, they are relying on their network to find the right solutions and/or person at a decent price. This is a long and painful process for all the executives whichever solution they go for.

At Bridgr, we decided to make this process less painful and more efficient to all companies that are creating the products that we, humans, are using on a daily basis.

As a startup, we decided to focus on one issue at a time. After some more discussions with manufacturers, we realized that one of the most shared issues was how to improve the production line, make it more efficient, more relevant to clients and create new products… It is all about operations… that’s why, at Bridgr, we connect executives from small and medium manufacturing companies with international experts to improve operation performance and achieve business objectives.


Amira Boutouchent

CEO & Co-founder of BRIDGR

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